Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Manor Tavern is raising money for our local law enforcement in order to purchase kevlar vests for all of the dogs.

K9 police dogs are important and necessary for crime prevention in our community. They loyally carry out their dangerous work every day to keep us safe. These canine officers, like human officers, deserve the protection of body armor. With your help and generosity, we can protect our K9 officers with bulletproof and stabproof vests as they courageously serve to protect us.

The police K-9 unit is a vital part of law enforcement efforts including search and rescue, forensic evidence, bomb, and drug operations. These dogs place their lives on the line assisting the police force and we would like to help protect them.

The success of our fundraising efforts is dependent upon folks like you sharing our mission with others. Please, encourage your friends and family to support us and our local law enforcement through their gifts of donations. We welcome the efforts of individuals, service organizations, and corporations to spread the word about protecting the police k-9 unit.

Thank you for your support in our fundraising efforts!