Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 Dinner Specials


Monkton Halibut $36.00

Pan-seared Halibut with fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes,

Fresh corn, artichokes, Swiss chard finished with seafood broth and lemon basil emulsion


Wednesday Night Prime Rib Feature: $28.00
Rosemary and garlic encrusted Roseda Prime Rib served with a baked potato, vegetable of the day and fresh shaved horseradish.



Cauliflower Bites $8.00

Served with a buffalo blue cheese sauce


App Feature: Lobster Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls

(3) $12.00

Served with everything aioli sauce


Oysters: Bevans $12/$24


Vegetable of the Day:

Green beans and zucchini squash


Daily Mash: Buttermilk


Soup of the Day

Southwest Chicken


Carm’s House Made Desserts                                              Prigel’s Ice Cream

Crème Brulee                                                                          Vanilla

NY Cheesecake                                                                      Cinnamon

Brownie Sundae                                                                     Chocolate

Chocolate Seduction                                                               Black Cherry

Peach Swirl Cheesecake                                                         Raspberry Sorbet                                                         

(1)Blackberry Cake- vanilla sponge cake layered with blackberries and lemon blackberry buttercream.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Peach Trifle-layers of fresh peaches, Italian sponge cake, and whipped mascarpone. Topped with whipped cream




Spring Rolls: Chicken           Mussels: Sweet Chili and Garlic